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Membership Dues
$125 USD for Individual Membership 
$62.50 USD for Student and Retired Membership
Waived for regulatory agency employees

Become a Member of the Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS)
SPS is the leading source and community for providing information, perspective and guidance on safety pharmacology through customized communication and engagement. Our organization is composed primarily of scientists, veterinarians and veterinary pathologists from the pharmaceutical industry as well as service and technology providers and global regulatory agencies, academia and clinicians.

The benefits of joining SPS include:

Continuing Education courses are given in conjunction with the Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting as well in satellite meetings throughout the year. CE courses include a comprehensive introduction to Safety Pharmacology for the “newcomer,” as well as advanced courses that challenge even the experienced Safety Pharmacologist. These courses provide an opportunity for learning and discussing the best scientific methods for a variety of safety pharmacology endeavors. SPS also holds educational webinars throughout the year on a wide range of topics of interest to our Members. In addition, regional meetings are being planned in the US and in European locations to provide the local community with education outside of the main Annual Meeting each year.

As a member, you are associated with experienced and knowledgeable scientists, providers and regulators active in the field of safety pharmacology. Fellow members are available for discussions on issues such as study designs and data interpretation. Becoming a member enhances opportunities to network with experts in physiology, pharmacology and toxicology. The relatively small size of the Society and the focused scope of its meetings provide an effective and intimate forum for sharing knowledge related to safety pharmacology. The SPS brings together individuals representing the full spectrum of safety pharmacology—from senior management of large international pharmaceutical companies, to promising young students and scientists starting to work in this new field. Special programs support the attendance and involvement of younger colleagues at the annual meetings. Our online networking site SPShare provides a secure environment in which to share ideas, post discussion threads and stay connected with your peers throughout the year.

SPS provides award opportunities for recognition of outstanding scientific research. There are several opportunities for Students and Junior Scientists to win awards including travel awards. For Senior Scientists, the opportunity exists to have their abstract selected for a fifteen minute oral presentation at the Annual Meeting in addition to the poster presentation. Finally, there is a Distinguished Service Award to honor colleagues who have substantially contributed to the field of safety pharmacology.

Abstracts accepted for presentation at the SPS Annual Meeting are published in the Journal of Pharmacological & Toxicological Methods. Outstanding work may be submitted as a full manuscript for publication in a special edition of the journal dedicated to safety pharmacology. Thus, not only is your data shared with your peers at meetings, but this is a great opportunity to share your work with other scientists outside the field. As an SPS member you will have full access to the JPTM content through a link in the member's only section of the SPS website.

The SPS provides a forum for advertising employment opportunities and for investigating new positions. These opportunities are available at the Annual Meeting, as well as on the SPS Job Bank. Being able to meet and even interview potential new employees/employers is a benefit for Members attending the Annual Meeting.

The work done by safety pharmacologists is supported by dedicated vendors and contract research organizations from around the world. Fellow Members involved in this business segment also attend the Annual Meeting and are important contributors to the conference through their participation in the Meeting Exhibition. Furthermore, vendors sponsor safety pharmacology-related mini-symposiums to assist in the sharing of cutting-edge technology and research models. As a member, this information is readily available to you via our website and email distribution list.

Becoming a member of SPS includes discounted registration at the SPS Annual Meeting, at Continuing Education courses, and Satellite Meetings and Workshops. Your membership dues are more than compensated for by these discounts. This is done to encourage both membership as well as participation at the Annual Meeting. Annual Dues are $125 for Full membership; $62.50 Student membership.

Safety pharmacology is still a rapidly developing area which is also reflected by the growth of the Society. The SPS is still of a size which allows multiple opportunities to become involved in the field by volunteering your time and enthusiasm- from working on various committees in order to advance the mission of the Society to becoming an officer or Board of Directors member who guide the future of the Society. The Annual Meetings and other Workshops are known for their very friendly and open atmosphere that helps to break down barriers for new delegates and rapidly establish contacts that will benefit your career. Don't be left behind in the rapidly evolving field of safety pharmacology!

The online, real time membership directory provides access to members that can't be achieved otherwise. The website provides open links to the public for quick access to applicable regulatory documents, educational content, current news, and job opportunities, but as a member you have access to more such as the Vendor Directory, webinars, online education opportunities, and a member’s only forum to share ideas, ask questions, and contact Members.

Each year, about 500 safety pharmacologists come together to share knowledge, explore new ideas, and discover the latest in technology. Currently, the meeting location alternates between North America and Europe, providing the opportunity to network with safety pharmacologists from around the globe.