Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


The Safety Pharmacology Society is dedicated to providing an interactive forum for the advancement and exchange of scientific information between industry, government, and academia. Whereas, this goal requires the highest scientific and ethical standards to be met, each member must strive to conform to the following code of ethics.

  1. Commit to providing the highest quality science with due regard for objectivity, integrity and confidentiality.
  2. To present scientific and/or professional opinions with full disclosure of the availability of all supportive data.
  3. To uphold all laws, regulations safety and ethical standards that apply to the welfare of coworkers, experimental procedures in animals, and the environment.
  4. Refrain from making statements of professional judgment or becoming involved in situations that are directly or potentially subject to conflict of interest concerns.

At the present time, Board can take action in response to objections only when those objections or comments are accompanied by specific references to findings of record as published by adjudicative bodies and when those findings cast serious doubt on prospective and actual member’s prespect for and conformity to standards of professional conduct commonly accept by safety pharmacologists.

Confidentiality and Full Disclosure documents